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different theme-worlds in a temporary style
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On your marks, get set, role model - the MegaHeroSuperAlarm

Here we go, go - go, as we step out of the normal sphere and go crazy about superlatives, superheroes and superstars, celebrate ourselves in the MegaHeroSuperAlarm.

We are brave and strong-minded, gladiatorial, we interfere without fear and blame, are present for each other, even without reward. We impress inevitably by superiority and achieve exceptionality for ourselves and sometimes for others as well. We actively override financial stagnation, boost consumerism without fear, like to rescue three for the price of one. We are knights in shining armour, workaday-heroes. Gladly embracing a position in front of the camera, we eat the paparazzi alive.
We pass incognito, slipping under the radar, and bursting on the scene to save the damsel in mistress. We are always fast and ever present – our resources are unlimited.

Colours blazing, we are superhero and fan at the same time; we are enthusiastic devotees of ourselves, our powers and our achievements and even like to talk about it. We costume ourselves with frock and pseudonym and mostly keep our true identity closed. We are digital, we are human-machine 02. We gather anonymously in fan-clubs, to report and count our own heroic acts as well as our followers. We are fans of having and being fans.

Just be brave. To be a hero suits you well.

Bernhard Willhelm - Paris, A.D.Deertz - Berlin, ANNTIAN - Berlin, Salsa Polenta - Berlin-Zürich, STARSTYLING - Berlin, Aleksandra Wisniewska - Lausanne, Vilde Svaner - Weimar, Conny Groenewegen - Amsterdam, Max Grüter - Zürich, Nina Braun - Berlin, OH!LOGO - Köln, A-schön - Berlin, Prodotyp - Berlin, Edition Schalalala - Berlin, NAT-2 - München, Foldpaper - Zürich, Birte Hennigsen - Hamburg, Anntian & Arielle de Pinto - Berlin-Kanada, Ansteckend - Wien, Denise Reytan - Berlin, MissGeschick & Lady Lapsus - Hamburg, Flöz - Düsseldorf, Suelzkotlett - Aachen, Melissa Lukowski - Köln, Bitten Stetter - Hamburg, Jutta Südbeck - Berlin, Fitting Forward - Hamburg und Collagen von Eklatant///Enrico Nagel - Berlin