storytelling art and design
different theme-worlds in a temporary style
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Darwin's world - in search of "Hans im Glück"

We are Hans on his tramp of luck in the Brothers Grimm tale, and show according to Darwin's theory the adaptation of the biotope via variation and natural selection. To the left and to the right of the roadside manner and method are splitting in diversity of life and being.
"Hans", said the Master within the tale, "you served me faithfully, and as was the service shall be the wage" and gave him a chunk of gold - the size of his head. But what is a head full of gold if you can go on horseback instead of walking and what good is a horse if you can have a cow. We prefer to have what the others have and even more.
What has Hans that Franz hasn't got? Or has Franz what Hans hasn't got? And if Hans has what Franz doesn't have, can Franz create it himself, imitate, catch up or does Franz anyhow have something new, something better? The Best. Does achievement count, or talent? Is the journey in fact the reward and where does it go along? Should we collect talents like mileage in order to achieve the manager bonus? Is convertible the same as incredible or reversed?
Within the store, we visually explore heroism and the surrounding world, search for luck, consider parallel-currencies, evaluate and resist embedded values, and swap prizes to find the best objects to aid in solutions within our lives.

Donna Wilson - London, Azumi and David - London, Fin - Oslo, Komana - London, Piia Hänninen - Helsinki, Poor - Warschau, Julia&Ben - Berlin, Huihui - Hamburg, Foldpaper - Zürich, Adam and Eve - Genf, Peter Müller - Zürich, Birte Hennigsen - Hamburg, van bery - Lausanne, affolter/de beaufort - Zürich, ulrikegestalten - Berlin , Mundi - Island, Anna Heuger - Hamburg, Jutta Südbeck - Berlin, Bitten Stetter - Hamburg and illustrations by Paul Steen - Stockholm