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different theme-worlds in a temporary style
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Lab-arrangement – experimenting and risking

Look out, it’s us, the Daniel Düsentriebs, the Albert Einsteins and the Professor Hastigs from next-door. With the courage for research we spot the way of the rainbow, discover why the nose is able to smell, which molecule slims the mice and where to find the bargain-spots for our holidays in the universe. We monitor, evaluate, develop and search for the Unscheduled.

What makes us step forward is the vision in front, is curiosity, the thirst for knowledge and the flair. Permanently striving to find new insights, we investigate what holds the world together, in the hope of sensational discoveries, the New, the never-been-seen, in science, as in design, in fashion and in products.
But watch out and don’t be too hasty, as every gain of insights implicates failure, chance and mistake and out of this frustration evolves again the appetite, ambition and the search for the new New.

Burkhardt / Möllmann – Berlin, It’s Lauber – Basel, Juliette Warmenhoven - Niederlande, von Sono - London, Seelenkleid - Reutlingen, Britta Voigts – Hamburg, Prodotyp – Berlin, Ikou Tschüss – Zürich, Jessica Neuhaus – Hamburg, Bitten Stetter – Hamburg, Jutta Südbeck – Berlin.
Room-illustration: Gerald Moll - Hamburg.