storytelling art and design
different theme-worlds in a temporary style
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TalenTierT - zoo of uniqueness

The 'TalenTiere' are gathered under the unique-species-program and live together with rainravens and elephantjumpers, dinosaurnecklaces, parrotjackets, tiffanycats and mulesideboards in the zoo of uniqueness. This zoo is engaged in national and international absurdity-protection-programs and opens its gates for wondrous textile-animals and snappy design.
On a daily basis unseen and uncared 'TalenTiere' disappear from our earth due to seasonal rapidity, neglected design-quality and elimination of design-habitats. The zoo of uniqueness is trying to halt the upheavel. With special absurdity-protection-programs and wild space- and staging-projects it is speaking up for the rescue of the threatened 'talented animals'.

aforest-design - Portugal, ding3000 - Hannover, Donna Wilson - London, Esther Perbandt - Berlin, Irina Rohpeter - Hamburg, Made by Eugene - New York, Louise Blanche - Schweiz, Marcel Ostertag - München, Pelican Avenue - Antwerpen, ShoboShobo - Frankreich, Taschide - Offenbach, Tatty Devine - London, the-t-shirt-issue - Berlin, Tjitske Hemkes - Niederlande, Sasha Haettenschweiler - Schweiz, Le.Sens - Hamburg, Aleksandra Wisniewska - Lausanne, Christa Michel - Zürich, third drawer down - Australien, wanderbags - New York, Veronika Bjarsch - Berlin, Goya Goya - Offenbach, Signe Emdal - Dänemark, Prodotyp - Berlin, Style & Design - Zürich, hundbaer - Berlin, Nina Führer - Niederlande, Jutta Südbeck - Berlin, Bitten Stetter - Hamburg and drawings from Heliana Rotariu - Rumänien.