storytelling art and design
different theme-worlds in a temporary style
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Eenie meenie meinie moe – grab a grinch and join the flow!

Overtrumping, gambling, bluffing, faking, kicking-out of team-mates, sitting-out one round, beginning again, winning or loosing and passing the buck to someone. It’s a “dog eat dog” world that annoys us! Within this theme-world we break all the rules of the game and open the doors for all the party-poopers who dare to do or say something new and meaningful – those who attract others’ attention, want to make a difference, or long for new rules, no longer wishing simply to join a flawed game. Grinches beware!

So, join us in the launch, let’s get started when FITTING FORWARD paints with tones on shirts, forms avant-garde alliterations out of fashionable metaphors, and TASEK has a play on words.

Our ally is the magazine WANDLER - the new magazine for surviving in a digital society, presented analogue.
Together different we indicate the heterogeneity of interrelations, are open and unprejudiced to a maximum, find and present what has been overlooked so far. Line for line - a lettering kit out of phonological playful clothing, game-spoiling accessories and radical forward stories.

Hui Hui - Hamburg, Greenpeace Magazine - Hamburg, Senior Design - Zurich, Dóra Mojzes - Hungary, vonWedel&Tiedeken - Berlin, Makin Jan Ma - London, Odeur via Temporary Showroom - Sweden, Philippa Lindenthal - Hamburg , Ginger & Fred - Hamburg,  Silberfischer - Berlin, Susanne Schmitt - Berlin,  Diedeling - Cologne, Shoesenkel - Darmstadt, Agapis Welt - Hamburg, Bitten Stetter - Hamburg,.
Room-installation by Tasek - Hamburg.