storytelling art and design
different theme-worlds in a temporary style
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Colourdemo - a tip- to toe-revolution

We stand up for diversity and world colours of any country. We are fed up with stirring in pabulum and call out for the multiculticolourdemo.
As we are multiculturists, our language is the presentation, our megaphone is design, our cobblestone is sampling. We are the rebels of conformism; our attention goes to the protection and tribute of cultural differences. Because this is our inspiration, our heritage, our world culture. We are the legal heirs and the passers-on - donors and takers at the same time while being conscious of our world-culture-vacancies. We love exchange and blending, but disapprove of unconsidered uniformity.
Lets build up resistance within this contradiction. Lets rise for the alien, fight for the unseen and fashionable No-Goes, but rebel against soundless imitation.

Lets scold ourselves in the mirror, or even better, lets just live in awareness of cultural variety. Lets search for the unknown, lets decode unfractured culture-cliches, lets type embroidery-manifestos and question disputes, regain the lost and establish tax-free diversity zones.

Lets be different together.

Henrik Vibskov - Copenhagen, Forward - worldwide, Mundi - Reijkjavik, Aleksandra Wisniewska - Lausanne, Boessert/Schorn - Berlin, a-forest - Portugal, Jutta Südbeck - Berlin, Christa Michel - Zurich, Bitten Stetter - Hamburg, A.D.Deertz - Berlin, Rike Feurstein - Berlin, Peter Müller - Zurich, Tatty Devine - London, nat-2 - Munich, o.k.-Versand - Cologne, design 3000 - Berlin, Katrin Sonnleitner - Karlsruhe, Golbarg Tavakolian - Cologne and room-installation by Jutta Südbeck - Berlin.