storytelling art and design
different theme-worlds in a temporary style
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UrbanSinn – the Neurotic Metropolis-Massif

Anonymity, Abnormality and Normality, Identity-lust and -loss run through the current city-map of FITTING FORWARD. A unique and haunted urban odyssey navigates through the metropolis traffic jam.
This design-scenario dashes through concrete walls, hides in remote tunnels, crosses urban style-junctions, ignores traffic-lights, brakes for the avant-garde and knocks over all design-stereotypes.
FITTING FORWARD as a laboratory of modernity. A place of compression and speeding-up, and a place of disguises, urban camouflage or luminous colour battles.
This is our call for a fashionable rampage.

Skyward - Göteburg, Starstyling - Berlin, Majaco - Berlin, ThomasE. creations - Amsterdam, Boessert.Schorn - Berlin, vonWedel&Tiedeken - Berlin, Butterflysoulfire - Berlin, Bernadette Deddens - London, Faltplatte - Berlin, Prodotyp - Berlin, Vibe Haersloef - Dänemark, Denise Julia Reytan - Berlin, Peter Müller - Zürich, Formfieber - Kassel, Anna Marschke - Hamburg, Linda Kostowski - Berlin, Lara Torres - Portugal, Vlad Nanca - Bukarest, Bitten Stetter - Hamburg, Jutta Südbeck - Berlin and installation by Katja Musenberg - Hamburg.